Friday, November 2, 2007


I don't know how often I'll be able to post in the near future, and up to a year or two (I'm hoping I'll at least be able to check in from time to time). I'm heading to the sandbox- I let a few of you know it might be coming... Now some might say I'm doing it for the president's amusement. Ha! Others might pray for my demise (well, my God can beat up your god, so ha again!). However, if you're reading this, you probably already know the truth. I'm doing it to make a difference and help people, I'm doing this for my family, and at least half of a country, and I'm doing this to in some small way contribute to a great cause: FREEDOM.

Perhaps my favorite hero of history, or one of them at least, Lafayette (a possible relation, I'm told by my grandmother), heard about the concept of liberty and the plight of a struggling nation caught in a revolution. He heard the tales of hopelessness and offered not only his fortune, but himself, knowing the possible outcome and the overwhelming odds he would face.
He turned the tide of battle more than once, bringing victory and freedom to a nation that was, and still is, grateful for his devotion to its birth (even if his name is dropped from the history books). He was friend of all the founders, an "adopted son" of Washington, and America. He took up as his personal motto and family crest, "Cur non" meaning, "Why not?" Why not indeed?!?!

I had family in the Revolution, some fought in the civil war, my great grandfather was in WWI, carrying a British Enfield rifle and marching all over lands he wasn't from. He was mustard gassed 5 times and lived to tell of it. His story is truly amazing (I got a copy of his diary from his time overseas). My grandfather followed suite and at Pearl Harbor dove into flaming waters to rescue a dozen men. My father in law was in Vietnam, lost all his friends, and returned home to an ungrateful nation.

Nothing I face will likely be so harrowing (I've already faced down some anti-troop folks, and I know they don't represent America), and I will no doubt be safer than I'd be if I remained so close to Washington D.C., where you can't even defend yourself (now that's a depressing thought). I'm going to a "safe" zone in a war zone. I know there's a slight chance something could go wrong, more so with every game Congress plays their games, but I believe that the greatest risk is to not contribute, even in some small way. I believe everyone, in their own way, as much as they are able, CAN and DOES make a difference when they make a stand for what is right. Whether you are one person, or an entire nation, you can be go the extra mile, turn the tide, and accomplish what others call impossible. NOTHING is impossible so long as you place your life in the hands of God and decide to NEVER GIVE UP!

I believe we have been given a great opportunity to grow as a nation, to overcome tyranny, to bring freedom and bring light. Our responsibility lies in being the"city on a hill" that exists not to be taken, or divided up and handed to those not willing to pour their hearts into its existence, but in serving as a shining example of freedom to the world. A lot of Americans have forgotten that, but plenty of us, AND our friends around the world- have not. They know why freedom requires sacrifice, because they either know their history, have lived it, or are living it right now.

We have an obligation to do unto others as we would have them do unto us- I believe that applies not just to individuals, but to nations as well. I don't care what reason others had for going into Iraq, the point is we now have a duty to protect freedom there. I don't care what you say about "we can't police the world." That's a bunch of crap; isolationism doesn't work. Maybe we can't be everywhere at once, but we can make a difference instead of turning our backs and burying our heads. The troops know this, and give their all for it.

We fought in WWI and won. We fought in WWII and won. The only way to ensure our own existence and long-term survival is to bring freedom and democracy wherever we go, taking off blinders and making people aware of their inalienable rights with every step we take. We've lost sight of that as a nation, we "forgot" (or were manipulated into forgetting) how we relied on the help of others, and many forgot their American spirit, and we need to get it back. America, I leave you with that challenge, by God I ask you to re-forge this country so that it is in a better condition when I get back here one way or another!

I don't want to come back to see America continue to march towards destruction. I don't want to come back to see rights and freedoms continue to be stripped away by Congress, by the corrupt "activist" judges, or even by a new president who is another "lesser of two evils." I won't stand for it and neither should you. Put some work into it. Hold town meetings. Go door to door for Hunter (or whoever the cleanest candidate turns out to be- there's been too much filth in the White House to settle for a dirty politician). Make miles of petitions. Vote out the corruption and demand REAL reform. I'll be doing 12 hour shifts 7 days a week, leaving my family, friends, and everything I've ever known for at least a year. I beg you to do something to ensure this nation is protected from tyranny.

Well, that's about all the time I have for now. The next 3 weeks will consist of me wrapping up work projects, packing, tying up loose ends, and moving my wife and pets down to Fl to await my safe return (God willing). Good luck America, and God Bless!

Very Respectfully,


Thunder Pig said...

Well, God Bless, and I'll be checking in every so often in case you do post.

(On second thought, I'm putting oyu in my reader right now!)

Beach Girl said...

Falcon_01 - God bless you and keep you safe. Do what you have to do and know that a lady living along the East Coast is praying for you and your family for your safety and for your success.

When God gives you the nudge to get out of that sandbox, get OUT, pronto. Fair? I think so.

Praying for your safety and safe return.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Ah Chris

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Crap...hit post before I was done....Sorry you're heading over there. I understand, living in San Diego as I do, what the leaving is like for so many. But just remember that there are a lot of people out there that are here waiting for your return and wish you all the best, you and your family. Pets included. : )

falcon_01 said...

I think it's a good thing- will broaden my experiences, allow me to more directly contribute, and give me a better chance to evaluate the situation there. Hopefully I'll get some vacation time in Europe, and maybe a trip back home, but at least I know when I get back I'll definitely get more family time.

Thank you all for the good wishes! :-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

Hey buddy!..God speed..and I'm expectin email no matter what y'hear! safe..I will pray for u and yours my friend!!!!!!!!

Subvet said...

God speed, you're in my prayers.

pela68 said...

Aim straight, take care and abowe all- be safe!

I whish I could be at your side.

Chris- you are a true hero...

Almtnman said...

I wish you luck and a safe return. A friend of mine has been there 3 times already and planning on another trip soon. He managed to still get some messages back while over there, not as many but enough to stay in touch.

Brooke said...

OMGosh, good luck, stay safe and kick some terrorist ass!

disinter said...

I know this is a bitter pill for some to swallow, but it must be said over and over again until people get it: Bush the decider in chief can call for war all he wants, but it is the soldiers in the U.S. military that are doing the actual bombing and killing. Look at what is happening in Pakistan. Musharraf couldn't do a thing what the support of his thugs in the military. But why is it that Americans are horrified about what the military does in Pakistan but not horrified about what the U.S. military does in Iraq? The war and future occupation of Iraq would not be possible without the 180,000 plus Americans that keep joining the military every year. This is what must be stopped.

falcon_01 said...

YOU are the bitter pill because you're a suppository. The troops you are so quick to malign, myself included, bring freedom from tyranny! Look, here's some GOOD news about GOOD things in Iraq that wouldn't have been possible without the troops:

Troops kill bad guys who want to take away YOUR freedoms to say such stupid things.

That should be phrased easily enough for you to understand!

That's right! Those evil murderous troops are protecting your lousy bum by bombing and killing bad guys.

Look up
for some truth about what we are up against.

Yes, war is an awful thing, but it's better than caving in to violent oppression, or leaving those people desiring freedom to be SLAUGHTERED the minute we leave. We're giving them the tools they need to survive on their own and have freedom. Fighting an insurgency takes more time than your short attention span can manage, but it needs done right, or good people get murdered when we leave early because people like you demand we leave early.

It's a sick reality I hope and pray you'll open your eyes to. I don't care what reason we went in there for- it's in the past and not changeable. Right or wrong, what's done is done- we need to fix the situation by supporting the people of Iraq on their hard path to freedom. Abandoning them without cleaning up our mess will result in their death. You and your kind would be responsible, but you'd be pointing the finger at the troops again for not doing a good enough job when you were witholding resources and pulling us out early!

Flanders Fields said...

I have been out of circulation so this is news to me. I wish you the best of luck and my prayers will be with you and your family. You have my respect and best wishes.

Many of these people who are from the Lew Rockwell site are misguided. They have many views which are correct and good, but they fail to consider and remember that Americans remain faithful to America and to the military during a time of war or conflict. We resolve our differences either before or after a conflict, not during.

There are sellouts to the leftists who teach them otherwise (actually hidden leftists who, can you believe it?, hate America).
Disinter may be one of those or a misguided sheep. Let's hope he awakens before he disintegrates.