Friday, June 22, 2007

Sheep Wolves and Sheepdogs

The title of the blog is taken from an essay I once read that inspired me. The full text can be found at

It is the duty of the sheepdog to protect the sheep. This is difficult, when many people are desensitized or in denial of the awful manipulations and bad things going on in our world. The people are often lead into self-destructive situations that are only visible by taking a few steps back to analyze the long term cause and effect relationship.

The many crises that face us today, when viewed one at a time, spaced out and embedded between sound bites and misdirections of events of little to no importance, over the course of weeks, months, or even years, are lost- much as you might be lost right now by reading this run-on sentence! Imagine then, being able to find a place where you can turn to get the latest information about things that are REALLY important. Not just celebrity gossip, but things that will at some point directly effect you. I've been trolling the internet for some time now and have come across many sources of news outside of the mainstream. You have too, I am sure, but my hope is to highlight as often as possible those issues which have the potential to impact the security of our nation.

A senator once told me, "The first step in fixing a problem is writing a letter. " If you can not find the time to write a letter to your elected officials demanding that they do what is right for this great nation, and that they are to serve "we the people," and not just themselves, then you are part of the problem.

To drive the point home- a democracy is only good so long as the people casting the votes are able to intelligently make their decisions, fully understanding the cause and effect relationship, and the long term implications of any given action taken by those whom they choose to act in their interests.

Look no further than Venezuala. The people were duped into electing Chavez, who had everyone's best interests at heart- or so they were lead to believe! Now he easily tramples over his people and steals the fruits of their labor from them for "redistribution." We have seen throughout history where that corruption leads: to MORE death and destruction.

We are at a point in time when we can no longer sit idly on the sidelines and let our country be dismantled by threats both internal and external. Far too many have fought and died so that we might have our rights- not so we could sit around joking about how all the politicians are corrupt and there is no hope! So long as one American breathes the breath of freedom and shares it with another, there is hope.

Find an article on or and learn! Become outraged! Write your senators at . It only takes 30 seconds to copy the important bits and let your supposed representatives have a piece of your mind concerning any number of atrocities they "let" happen.

Let them know you want clear and concise legislation, in the same plain language of our constitution. Every bill should stand on its own, and not filled with unrelated and hidden riders. Such corruption of a bill is exactly that, corruption. The American people must no longer be mislead. The American people must speak up, while they still can.

Go. Do it now.

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Thank you, Falcon_1. I'm on the case. Great to find your blog. Glad you have found "The Gates".