Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free speech forever!


Of course I will be labeled intolerant by the same PC-terrorist-huggers who think it's just fine for the terrorists to burn our flag and persecute Christians and Jews... but while I still have breath in me to defy tyranny I will! Hoorah to the Danes for giving them a taste of their own medicine. We must recognize the very real threats to true freedom and not tolerate those among us who want to lie, cheat, and steal away our freedoms!

Me intolerant? ABSOLUTELY! Why should we tolerate those who would deny us our freedoms that so many have fought and died for? Because it is politically correct to do so? I think not!

Now someone just needs to burn the flags of all the terrorist nations! Protest their murder of innocents! Protest their brutality towards those who would be free of their abuse!

America, prepare yourself for a rude awakening and more bloodshed in the streets than seen in generations, when the terrorists training on our soil put their training to use to come after you and your loved ones. They already have tax-exempt status and receive taxpayer funds for their security. Whenever they are exposed they vanish into the woodwork, but one day the infestation will be too large to ignore and they will openly spread their hate like a disease among our people, bringing death to our public places- much like they have been doing in the middle east for countless years.

As your rights are whittled away, so shall you see the "rights" of the oppressors flourish. See the proposed amnesty plan being pushed through that will allow terrorists easy access to us. See the lax import standards that lead to the poisoning of America by foreign nations! See us open up tremendous funds for rogue states so we may negotiate with them- money that would be better spent on our people, or people who want to be free!

We have seen what happens when Israel (literally) gives up ground in hopes of peace with known terrorists- when our politicians force them to. They are betrayed before the ink even dries. We must be aware of what happens around us outside of the mainstream media. We must cry out against such corruption and call for accountability! We must cut partisan politics down so that only those who truly care about freedom more than their pockets are elected. Let your voice be truly heard by your "representatives" who ignore you. Vote them all out before it is too late!

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