Friday, February 27, 2009

Letter published on World Net Daily! Free Speech!

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His story really struck a chord with me, and I really wanted to put corrupt politicians in their place. I'm sick of rights continuosly getting trampled on and nobody speaking I wrote an angry letter. I had no idea I'd get top-notch media exposure over it! Letter follows:


Greetings from Iraq. As a Florida native, and veteran who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, I find it insulting that you would limit Herb Quintero's free speech with regards to the beautiful mural he had painted to spruce up his building. Also insulting are your fines and subsequent threats to fine the man for displaying the Constitution that guarantees his protection from this very sort of tyranny. I learned of his plight from reading the story on and at and must say I am very disappointed.

You have no right to override the Constitution and the principals for which so many men and women have fought and died to uphold. YOU are in violation of the supreme law of the land, which supersedes some trivial contrary (and therefore illegal) code, and should immediately withdraw your fines and retract your flawed and invalid laws. As government representatives, you have a solemn duty to protect the people you are entrusted to represent, not oppress them. By enacting and then selectively enforcing such oppressive laws that violate the Constitution, you spit in the face of every veteran who has ever served to uphold the Constitution! Yes, I am this worked up over a painting of some fish; the rights in the Constitution are not something that should even be lightly infringed and tolerated! The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves over the affront to freedom you have committed in your persecution of this man who is merely attempting to live an American Dream by exercising his right to free speech- an attempt, it must be noted, that would increase commerce- which in turn would bring more tax dollars to the city should he succeed in his endeavors!

As a fellow American, who dearly values his rights and freedoms, I sincerely urge on you to cease and desist with your harassment of Herb Quintero; it would save the city money in the long run, and save yourselves further embarrassment and public outrage. Furthermore, I cannot imagine citizens willingly re-electing officials who would trod so heavily upon their fundamental and inalienable rights, so I urge you to refund this man's money and publicly declare your apology to him, and the citizens, at once.

Very Respectfully,


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