Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Safe in Iraq

Trying to take a nap on a C-130 in armor sucks. No, scratch that, it really sucks. Oh well, I'm here- in a temp lodging spot doing in-processing, and I found an ethernet cable. Now I just need food and sleep to be good to go!

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pela68 said...

Know that feeling. It's not quite a first class ride on a 747 is it?

When I was doing boot camp, we got a free ride over chritmas with a C-130. That was 1600 km of BRRRRRRrrrrraaaannnngh before I got to my mom's. But still I slept through most of it as I was coming from a 21 day outdoor excercise with only three hours of sleep a day.

Those net stools is not very comfortable, are they? But you could always tread your arms through the netting and hang there like some parody of Jesus Christ on the cross...

In those days, we did not have the fancy Peltor comtacs, only ordinary earplugs, which bugged the heck out of me because my ears seems not to be shaped for using them and they constantly fell out.

-You know "snor, snor zzzzzz; Hupp! What the hell aaaaahhhh!"

It was cold too. Not a problem where you are I belive.

Take care...