Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now In Kuwait- Iraq soon!

The computer here in Kuwait sucks and I've only got a few minutes left on my time limit- just wanted to drop a line. I've seen so much bureaucratic nonsense (too much to write about now) the last week plus that I just want to get into Iraq and get settled into a routine...

Since I only get a half-hour on the comp I'm going to try to upload a pic of me at Ft Benning getting ready to head out, and see if that blows the rest of my time on this slow connection! If not, maybe tomorrow... or soon. :-)

Got to run- now! Just loaded in time!


Brooke said...

Glad you made it! Stay safe and kick butt!

pela68 said...

That's a nice blue tee you got there under all that cammo (c;

Hope you are doing well. Take a load of pictures. You can send them to me at

Take care